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AND YOU CAN CALL IT, A HUMMER LIMO PARTY Planning to throw out a small, private but grand party with some of your closest friends?

Are you tired of thinking how to make the party unique and more personal? Here is another idea.

For just a dozen of heads with an extra room for another dozen of guests, why don’t you try throwing out a party in the hummer? Limo hummer is regarded as a party limo because of the state of the art party amenities it offers.  It is lavishly equipped with modern equipment like a multiple LCD TV Screens, CD/DVD players, sound system and smoke machines. It has a deluxe full leather interior in an elegant style and designs.

Aside from the amenities, the limo can also cater space for your foods and drinks as it also has a space for glass wares and a mini bar.

Having a hummer limo party will surely be an exciting event to you and your guests for you will have a chance to stroll around while partying, having fun along the wide stretch roads, tossing away the boredom in staying in just a one venue for you can hop in from one place to another with hummer limo.

With the help of the hummer limo hire, you can also be provided with professional crews to assist and serve you. We have a well-trained and well groomed driver to assure you of your safety and who can always pick you up and your group on time. A courteous waiter or waitress to assist you and a professional photographer to capture your every moment while on board. Whatever your needs and requirement to make the event wonderful and memorable can be openly discussed with the hummer hire team.

Try this new idea; throw out a hummer limo party for your victory celebration, birthday, reunion and even just an ordinary weekend party fun with your friends. Treat and pamper yourself and the people around you with hummer.

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