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Book Your Limo Rental Early During Peak Times

You may have a spur of the moment idea to rent a Hummer limo for the night, only to find out that all of the rentals are currently booked. While you may get lucky a few times and be able to book a Hummer limo with only short notice, it’s better to book early to insure that you have the ride you want for your event. Similar to reserving early for the hottest restaurants and party planners, you need to consider booking your car early, especially during peak times.

Peak Time for Hummer Limo Sydney Rentals

There are some common peak limo hire times:


The wedding season is one time you’ll want to book early. Whether you’re booking for a wedding or another event, know that you’ll be competing with brides for the perfect mode of transportation during the spring season. Spring is traditionally when many women want to hold a wedding, so hummer limo rentals will increase.

School Formals

Since many school formals are also held in the spring, you may be competing with not only excited brides but excited teenagers whose parents are splurging on a limo. If you have an event coming up in the spring where you’ll need a limo, try booking at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance.

There will be peak times that don’t reoccur every season like weddings and formals do. Maybe there’s a large festival or event that’s attracting thousands of people, many of them wanting to arrive in style for the night. Assume that limo rental reservations will increase during that time, and consider booking at least 2 weeks before the big event.

Don’t forget about special holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, too.

Book Early During the Holidays

Another peak time is during the summer. With Christmas, festivals, and races,Australiais full of fun events during the summer months. For some of the occasions, such as food and wine festival or a fashion show, there may be an increase in limo rentals. If you need to book a Hummer limo in Sydney during the summer months, call ahead and speak with an agent about reserving at least 2 weeks before the needed date. You may find that they’re not especially busy and you can wait a bit longer, or they may already be filling up spots and you need to book your limo right away.

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