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The Types Of Hummer Limo Available

Hummer Limo SydneyA stretch hummer limo is an awesome vehicle. With all the elements and its sheer size, makes it a more popular choice for many wedding parties and teenagers who are going to the prom. One should know that these stretch limos come in various sizes and designs. For the largest one, more than fifteen people can fit comfortably.

The color choices can also get very spunky. You can see a stretch hummer limo Sydney with colors such as green, zebra stripes, bright yellow or even a baby pink. Apart from these modern eccentrics, there are those which  have a more traditional flair in color choice like black, white or even gray. The way the door is opened is also changed on some hummer limo models. You can get a limo that is opened symmetrically or vertically. Because of the popularity of the car, many limo companies offer a luxury stretch hummer limo as a part of their service.

The hummer H2 was modified to make a Hummer limousine. This was launched in Los Angeles, USA. The engineers split the H2 in half and put in a larger middle section, making the ultimate stretch vehicle.  It can go as long as 38 feet. At that length you can be sure that upwards of 20 people can fit in very comfortably. Because of the original purpose of the car, with the US Army; this is a very durable car. There aren’t very many terrains that you cannot drive it on.

An H3 design is a smaller type of vehicle, which can still accommodate upwards of eight persons. You might not need the immensity that the H2 provides. A stretch hummer limo can be customized with any color, interior, or other elements for your needs. There have even been some that has a Jacuzzi customized into the car. It can get as flamboyant as you might want. You can also have TV screens, internet, and exclusive luminescent finish as well as bars.

For a fun experience a stretch hummer limo in Sydney is definitely the way to go. There are different Hummers of varying sizes; from the H1 to the H3. They all have the basic components. If you are looking to entertain your friends, arrive at an event in style or go do some rugged and outlandish activity, this vehicle might just be what you need. Check around with the dealers and ensure you get the best prices available.

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